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Agile Marketing

Author: Simone Kohl
· 1 min read

The events on the Internet are constantly in motion and so the marketing has to be constantly adapted. The solution to this is agile marketing.


Agile marketing is a way to organize marketing activities. Depending on how the intermediate result turns out, marketing measures can be taken quickly and coordinated. 
The goal is to adapt one’s own way of working so that you can quickly adapt your marketing to current trends and to develop suitable measures even in dynamic markets.

Two important core aspects in agile marketing are openness and the willingness to cooperate. So you can create valuable content that is presented to the right target group at the right time. The following is important in agile marketing:

  • a fast and adaptable idea generation
  • the focus on the needs of the customers
  • and the right content at the right time

how can you work agile in marketing?

  1. think about what you expect from working agile: for example efficiency, more organisation or better communication
  2. discuss the tasks and list them all in a Marketing Board (for example in a column “to do”)
  3. set up KPIs to be measured and define the objectives
  4. arrange meetings to discuss the tasks

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example for agile marketing

Oreo: Super Bowl 2013 
Oreo reacted to the power outage during the Superbowl in 2013 within eight minutes with a funny tweet, which had a very high reach on social networks. Such actions are only possible with a marketing team that is ready at all times and with a precise knowledge of the target group.


  • fast and flexible reaction
  • clear results through documentation and thus a basis for optimisation
  • you can be more successful with the same budget through testing and optimization
  • agile teams are freer in their design and can therefore design more and are therefore more motivated

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