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Digitalization of marketing

Author: Simone Kohl
· 2 mins read

Digitization already exists in many different areas and the term also plays a role in marketing. Digitalization has an impact on the market, people and society. In order to prevail against competitors in the future, digital transformation is also important in marketing. How is digitalization changing marketing?

digital age – what is it?

The digital age (digitization) has changed everyday life. It has become faster and processes have been simplified. Related to this is social media, which has made information sharing much easier. In addition to digitalization, the term consists of the characteristics networking and mobility. Through the networking of digital data, new information and new knowledge are always being created.

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digital marketing

When a company faces digital transformation, all areas of the company change. The marketing funnel consists of 5 stages, which represent a customer journey. You can find out what a Customer Journey is on our blog post: Customer Journey.
Marketing is shifting more and more to the internet. Social media can address more people on different channels and at different stages of the Customer Journey. This is also reflected in the requirements for content marketing, because the content should offer the user added value and information.

An important area in communication is that of personalization, which will also become increasingly important in the coming years. Cleverly placed product recommendations and technical applications are also being used more and more. Digital marketing is therefore becoming more and more important.

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final thoughts

The marketing together with the digitalization strengthens the social media, the classical marketing decreases more and more and shifts to the Internet. Because there potential customers can get a comprehensive picture of the brand and the product and thus increase more trust.

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